PRO 1 Fire Hose Maintenance Compact System


PREY’s PRO 1 Hose Maintenance Rotation System sets a new standard with respect to its use of space, ergonomic features and operating quality. Requiring only 10m2 of space, including the operating station, this automatic installation allows for the complete range of hose maintenance processes to be undertaken, including soaking, washing, pressure testing, drying and winding. Its unique movable testing table allows the operator to oversee all maintenance procedures without leaving the operating station, thus ensuring for the highest level of worker safety particularly during pressure testing. With a view to spatial efficiency, the PRO 1 fits into a space that is 2.43 to 3m wide. The entire system can be delivered and installed in one piece and in one day is ready for use, with only fresh water, electricity and waste water drainage to be provided by the customer.

Technical data

Width 2430 mm
Length 3350 mm
Heigth 1950 mm
Weight 750 kg
Mains water supply 3/4"
Power supply 400V AC / 50Hz / 12,5kW
Pressure outlet 1 x C (45 mm)
Testing pressure 0 - 16 bar
Washing pressure 0 - 100 bar
Hose Sizes 1 A / 1 B / 1 C / 1 D
A = 110 mm / B = 75 mm / C = 42-45 mm / D = 25 mm


Detailed information will follow shortly.