New production line for fire hose maintenance compact systems

Due to the high demand for the PRO 1, we have expanded our production facility by a building section with production line for the serial production of compact systems. The new production line is designed for an annual production of 40 to 50 units of this construction type. In addition to the assembly sites, it also houses a test station for the setting, commissioning and final quality inspection of the systems.

The PRO 1 is already prefabricated, commissioned and then built up by specially trained teams in series of 10 compact systems. Our own state-of-the art laser, CNC and welding manufacturing technology enables the highly efficient feeding of the new production line "just-in-time" with the most precise production quality of the pre-production stages. As a result, we could reduce the delivery time for compact hose assemblies to up to one week!

Visit us and experience your new fire hose maintenance system already in the production process... or in our more than 600 m² exhibition centre with all fire hose maintenenace systems and equipment types in real operation.

PREY – Always one step ahead!

World firsts

The absolute world first among the maintenance systems for fire brigade protection equipment and the first and only system worlwide with integrated leakage test. The CPA 24 from PREY is the first system in the world to actually clean from inside and outside, disinfect and dry chemical protection suits (CPS) from the assumption in the "black area" to the output in the "white area" - completely without lance technology thereby being transported through the process.

This is not enough: As the first and so far the only system in the world, the CPA 24 also tests and records the CPS at the same time fully automatic!

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