PREY Fire Fighting Technology

Almost all modern equipment currently used for fire hose maintenance -- ranging from fully-automated fire hose hanging systems to fire hose maintenance streets to mobile compact fire hose maintenance units -- were invented and developed in Kiel - by PREY. 

We are the only worldwide manufacturer to offer all of the automated hose maintenance systems available on the market: compact systems, half streets, full streets and our process system - the only modern horizontal system that dries fire hoses both from within and on the outside. 

PREY stands for first-rate customer solutions expertise, best materials and highest quality of workmanship. No other brand has products which feature a higher service life or a longer availability of spare parts than PREY.

We offer the best price-quality ratio, the highest value added and the largest value and investment security for purchasers and operators alike. Our systems last longer, are more effective and more efficient – whether it be with respect to their application, use of space, output or energy consumption.

PREY is the technology leader - worldwide!