GST Mobile Protective Clothing Drying System


Dryer for Protective Suits, Boots, Gloves and Masks


a) 4 Complete Protective Suits
b) 3 Suits, as well as 2-4 Pairs of Boots or Gloves, or 4-8 Masks
c) 2 Suits, as well as 6-8 Pairs of Boots or Gloves, or 12-16 Masks

Drying Time: 1 hour to 85 minutes at Full Equipment Capacity

Adjustable in terms of Height from between 1.92m to 2.39m.

The system fits through average-sized doors and easily can be equipped and used by all operators regardless of their size/height.

Technical data

Width 770 mm
Length 1080 mm
Heigth 1920 mm
Weight 95 kg
Power supply 400V AC / 50Hz / 2 kW / 16A
Capacity 4 suits
Functions Drying
Operatoring mode One-Person-Operation
Hot air blower Automatic Operation
Installation options mobile / freestanding


Detailed information will follow shortly.