Stainless Steel Container with:

  • Polygon-Shaped Bottom with Anti-Noise Cladding 
  • Flat-Bottomed Soil Water Outlet, Large Opening featuring a Water Release Valve up to the Upper Edge and Integrated Overflow 
  • Easily Moveable over Floors, through Doors and in Elevators 

  • Stainless Steel Tubs, featuring Shaped Edges and Welded and Polished Corners
  • Perforated Sheet for Pre-Washing
  • Two Water Outflows for: 

    • Outlet (Normal Sewer) 
    • Outlet (Disposal Container or Settling Tank)

GST Mobile Protective Clothing Dryer

Dryer for Protective Suits, Boots, Gloves and Masks


a) 4 Complete Protective Suits 
b) 3 Suits, as well as 2-4 Pairs of Boots or Gloves, or 4-8 Masks 
c) 2 Suits, as well as 6-8 Pairs of Boots or Gloves, or 12-16 Masks

Drying Time: 1 hour to 85 minutes at Full Equipment Capacity