SPG Suction Hose Testing Machine


The SPG unit serves to test suction hoses in accordance with the DIN 14810 (Pressure, Suction and Inner Lining). It is self-sufficient and can be operated independently from an external pump.

  • Motor-Vacuum Pump with Swing Buffer Feet
  • Connecting Cord with Safety Plug (2m long)
  • Vacuum Gauge with a Lever Positioning Function Indicator
  • 3-Way Ball Valve
  • T-shaped Pipe
  • Gardena Coupling for Pressure Testing
  • Spiral Vacuum Hose (1m long)
  • Blank Cap (110mm)
  • Blank Cap (110mm) with Air Drain Petcock for Pressure Testing
  • Light-Glass Plate for Interior Visibility 




Technical data

Width 400 mm
Length 200 mm
Heigth 359 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power supply 230V AC / 50Hz / 0,1kW / 16A
Pressure outlet 1 x A (110 mm)
Testing pressure -1 bar
Hose Sizes any size
Hose lengths any length
Hose materials all common materials
Functions Vaccuum testing
ÜberdruckPressure testing
Inspecting testing
Operatoring mode One-Person-Operation
Installation options mobile


Detailed information will follow shortly.