SEM Fire Hose Coupling Binding Machine


PREY’s OPTIMA Electrical Fire Hose Coupling Binding Machine (SEM) has revolutionized fire hose binding! Most fire hose binding machines function by having hoses rotate on a turning table. The SEM, in contrast, works on the principle of having the hose stay in its original position, with the wire turning around the hose. Not only does this technique significantly improve work safety, but it also makes binding a much easier process.




Technical Data

Width500 mm
Length550 mm
Heigth530 mm
Weight75 kg
Power supply230V AC / 50Hz / 0,25kW
Hose SizesA / B / C / D (optional F)
A = 110 mm / B = 75 mm / C = 42-45 mm
D = 25 mm / F = 150 mm
Hose lengthsany length
Hose materialsall common materials
Operatoring modeOne-Person-Operation
Installation optionsmobile
Standard featuresCable Holder
Fixed and Guiding Semi-Elastic Heavy Duty Rollers
Roller Lock Mechanismn


Detailed information will follow shortly.