SLR Mobile Fire Hose Storage Shelf

RUD. PREY’s Mobile Fire Hose Storage Shelf has taken a function as seemingly simple as storing fire hoses to what it is supposed to be: space saving, stable, flexible, easy to use and mobile. The SRE is the smallest, most stable, most variable, most easily useable mobile fire hose storage shelf at the given capacity on the market. 

SLS Fire Hose Storage Shelf

This model is stationary storage unit with 3 or 4 shelves, accommodating 24 B Type (70mm) or 33 C Type (45mm) Hoses.

  • Trapezium-Shaped Shelves
  • Integrated, Easily Adjustable and Expandable Draining Tray Screw-Free Assembly) 

SWH Suction Hose Hanging Board

Galvanized Steel Construction, for A-(110mm)Type Hoses